Appeal to His Excellency, Shri Pranab Mukherejee, The President of India, Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’able Prime Minister of India & Other Concerned Authorities For Better Road, Air Connectivity & Industrial Development in Barak Valley; Supported & Participated by 16,076 No. of People of Barak Valley, Southern Assam

Mass Appeal to
Shri Pranab Mukharjee,
His Excellency, President of India

Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi
Hon’ble Prime Minister Of India
Other Concerned Authorities

(This Appeal is supported by 16,076 No. of People of Barak Valley, Southern Assam)

Mass Appeal Campaign WTPBV

Since 68th Year of Independence, We the people of Barak Valley in the Southern Region of Assam still awaits completion of National Projects in terms of Road, Air and Water connectivity to connect with the rest of our country and lacks major developments in terms of small, medium and large industrial development.

With utmost trust faith and hope We The People of Barak Valley humbly pray to Your Excellency for favour of your kind intervene in the matters listed bellow to save the valley of Barak in South Assam from the continuous economic, social and moral deterioration due to the communication bottleneck. Citizen of this region has regained their lost hope on seeing you at the helm of affairs of the country. If this great opportunity is wasted, the region shall plunge into perpetual darkness leading to exodus of conscious citizen from the region.

Subject: – As Listed Bellow

1. Appeal Fast Completion of Remaining portion of East West Corridor Project (Maha Sadak) from Balacherra to Harangajao, Assam & Road Safety on Mahasadk

2. Appeal for Road Safety & Maintenance on National Highway No 6 (44); Jowai-Badarpur Highway (Meghalaya-Assam)

3. Appeal for Subsidized Air Fare from Silchar, Assam.
4. Step towards Industrial Development for the economic growth of Barak Valley (Southern Assam)

Reference: -Appeal to Her Excellency, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Former President of India & Other concerned Authorities for Road Safety & Repair of NH-6 (Earlier NH-44; Shillong-Tripura National Highway) Vide Grievance no. PRSEC/E/2010/11364 dated 21-07-2010 (4 years ago); identifying lack of basic Road Safety Parameters on NH-44 (now 6); In Due course of time Rs. 24.36 Crore was sanctioned in the year 2012 for the same; But no adequate measures been taken on Road Safety Parameters on the said stretch by the Authorities so far. Copies of earlier communication as follows:-

1. NH-12037/77/2014/Misc./NH-8 Dated 13-06-2014
2. NHAI/PIU/SHL/2010/RTI/A 12/1962 Dated 05-06-2014
3. NHAI/RO/GHY/2009/Public Petition/(Vol-II/182/6774 Dated 29-05-2014
4. NHAI/GM/NE/PG/2014/316 Dated 31-07-2014
5. No-RT-25035/27/2014-RS (Part) Dated 14-04-2014
6. PRSEC/E/2014/07738 Dated 29-04-2014
7. PPG(G).9/08/133 Dated 03-09-2010
8. U.O. NO. CMO.04/2010/1409 Dated 26-05-2010
9. CNH.165/2010/45 Dated 22-09-2010
10. TMV.184/2008/59 Dated 28-07-2010
11. NO.CST/RS/16/2009/90/3857 Dated 07-08-2010
12. PRSEC/E/2010/11364 dated 21-07-2010
13. Appeal to Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Devi Sing Patil, Her Excellery, President of India & others Dated 07-05-2010

His Excellency,

We The People of Barak Valley, Southern Assam, have the honor to express our gratitude for the kind response we had from your office and issuance of the copies of the correspondence made to the concerned departments which had a reference to our appeal to you. With reference to the above, we would like to draw you attention to the problem of the communication of the valley of Barak with the rest of the country which needs immediate redressal for the greater interest of the people of the valley (Southern Assam).

Mass Appeal to you via Missed Calls

His Excellency, In order to get your attention for the problems we are facing in terms of Surface Connectivity; we had launched  campaign to seek public participation via missed calls in a toll free no. for a month to support  above demands laid down before you for the greater interest of the people of this valley. The Objective of the Campaign was to involving mass people by using technological advancement to express their support and participate in this Appeal who suffers due to present condition of this region.

His Excellency, We would like to inform you that we have got 16076 Supports via Missed Calls for the said demands from the people of this valley and from those who belong to this valley and are staying in different parts of the country. Being a newly formed societal establishment we run our campaign in small scale  from 10th November 2014 to 10th December 2014 mainly on Online Social Networks and approaching people in general of this valley by word of mouth only.

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 Launch of Campaign; Ref. Dainik Prantojyoti dt 11-11-2014

Launch of Campaign; Ref. Dainik Prantojyoti dt 11-11-2014


Barak Valley (Southern Assam)

Three districts of Barak Valley viz Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi with an area of 6921 Sq kmhave a population of over 36 lakh (2011 census). The two hills districts viz. Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao (formerly North Cachar Hills) with an area of 15324 Sq. kmhave a population of about 12 lakh. These five districts of the region cover a geographical area of 22245 sq. km which is about 28% of total geographical area of the state.  The socio-economic condition of the region is quite different from that of Brahmaputra Valley of Assam. Barak Valley is dominated by Bengali (80% of population), whereas Hills districts are dominated by Tribals like Dimasa, Karbi, Naga, Bodo, Hmars, Kuki etc. Ethnically they are different from dominant Assamese community of Brahmaputra valley of the state.

barak Valley

The region is surrounded by neighboring states of Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura in three sides. Barak valley has also 124 km long international border with Bangladesh in the western side. Barak valley occupies strategic central position in the southern part of Northeast. In fact the region is gateway to Tripura, Mizoram and Manipur.

The Present Condition of Connectivity of Barak Valley with the mainland of our Country

His Excellency, First of all, we shall take up the matter of railways. Of course, we must thank the Government of India that and the Indian Railway department for undertaking the mega block project for the gauge conversion in a deadline. The work undertaken long 17 years ago have been brought under the National project in 2006, and yet the work could make little progress in the last eight years. Still the decision of the Railways to bring the work of gauge conversion from Lumding to Silchar to an end within March 2015 makes us all the more the happier.

His Excellency, The mega block of railways from 1st October 2014 to March 15, 2015 has indeed been hailed wholeheartedly by the people of Southern Assam, as well as of Mizoram, Tripura and Manipur, even though this would lead to severe economic crises in the region as, henceforth the entire food staff, petro-fuels, and other materials have to be carried through the NH 6 (44)a road already overburdened and rendered unworthy of being loaded any more due to non-maintenance for years together. Of course, people have resolved to accept the situation in consideration of their future prospect

His Excellency, Presently the NH-6 is with NHAI but it pains us to bring it to your notice that we are yet see any positive gesture from the NHAI on implementation of ROAD SAFETY MEASURES and proper maintenance to lessen the plight of the people of Barak valley by taking immediate step to undertake the repair/up-gradation of the only surface road. The work in progress but the quality of the present condition of the road is deplorable in terms of ROAD SAFETY MEASURES and no effective, adequate efforts are made towards its speedy repair for the entire stretch in terms of Road Safety.

  1. Appeal for Road Safety Measures& Maintenance on NH-44 (6) Jowai-Badarpur Highway in the Meghalaya and Assam portion


Appeal for Display Hoardings having relevant details of completed works and ongoing works (projects) on NH-6 (44) for Public Information


Appeal for Review of quality and standard of completed works

 His Excellency, National Highway 6 (44), the only which connects Badarpur with Jowai, is quite common for the residents of Barak Valley and 4 different States to connect with Guwahati. The 723 km stretch of NH-44 from Shillong to Tripura spans across the states of Meghalaya, Assam and links some major district headquarters, towns and cities of Mizoram and Manipur. There is no rail service available at present due to Silchar Lumding Railway broad-gauge conversion project railway project. 

His Excellency, NH-6 becomes the only life line of all these as the main and major mode of transportation. However, because of some vital reasons, mentioned below, the travel at NH-6 makes it dangerous, unsafe, life-threatening and tiring for the commuters. The major accident prone areas say, Tongseng, Sonapur and Malidor, are without basic road safety measures.

His Excellency, On 06th January, 2010 evening, at Tongseng Village (near Sonapur) of Jayantia Hills in Meghalaya, a road accident took away the life of Late Shri Subhash Koiri along with his elder Son Late Gaurav Koiri and driver Late Ajim Uddin.. The vehicle plunged into the gorge, approx. 400 ft deep.

His Excellency,In reference to the above accident an  Appeal was made to Her Excellency, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Former President of India, & Other concerned Authorities for Road Safety & Repair of NH-44 (then, Shillong-Tripura National Highway) Vide Grievance no. PRSEC/E/2010/11364 dated 21-07-2010; identifying lack of basic Road Safety Parameters like;

complaint lodge

  • No Road Signs,
  • No Road Barricades/Railings,
  • No Proper Road markings,
  • Pathetic Road Conditions
  • Lack of Emergency Help Line
  • Lack of Laws and enforcement agencies

His Excellency,The unavailability of the above Road Safety parameters were highlighted along with Pictures & videos of major accidental prone areas and the same were sent to top to bottom authorities. The intention was to get attention of NHAI in the matter of Road Safety and Repair of NH-6 (44).

His Excellency, In reference to the appeal to Her Excellency Smt Pratibha Devising Patil, it was intimated in the year 2014 vide letter NHAI/PIU/SHL/2010/RTI/A 12/1962 dated 05-06-2014 & NHAI/RO/GHY/2009/Pulic Petition/(Vol-II/182/6774 dated 29-05-2014.

His Excellency, It was acknowledged in the letter that the present condition of the road is deplorable and all out efforts are being taken towards speedy maintenance. Presently the road is with NHAI and biding process was completed in 5th June 2012 and the concessionaire was SIMPLEX INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED. But, concessionaire has shown its inability to start the work citing problem of Land acquisition and taken the recourse to court case.NHAI has sanctioned Rs. 24.36 Crore to state PWD (NH) division of Meghalaya for undertaking special Repair and Restoration work for pot hole damage pavement for entire stretch of the road. As of now the road is under repair with Executive Engineer, Central Division Jowai, Meghalaya and NHAI has deposited 5 crore as advance to Executive Engineer, Central Division  Jowai, Meghalaya and the road is being presently repair in LadRymbai and khliehriat area.

His Excellency, it is also intimated vide letter no. NHAI/GM/NE/PG/2014/316 dated 31-07-2014 that the stretch of Highway from Sonapur-Tongseng-Malidore, Meghalaya region is part of Jowai to Ratacherra (Meghalaya/Assam Border) section of NH-44 (104 km), presently two lane and being upgraded to 2-lane with paved shoulders. The physical execution of this work was scheduled to start on 10th Jan 2014. (the appointed date). However the concessionaire (M/S Simplex infrastructure Limited) responsible the upgradation work is contesting the issue in the Hon’ble High Court of Calcutta. The contentions of the concessionaire have already been refuted by NHAI and the 

concessionaire has been asked to take up the execution and maintenance of the project highway immediately, failing of which action as per concession agreement including debarment from partition in future NHAI projects shall be taken.

Since, the concessionaire has not mobilized till date, as an interim measure, NHAI has sanctioned Rs.24.36 crore for maintenance of road stretch from Jowai to Ratacherra to PWD (NH) Meghalaya. The maintenance work is under progress for keeping the road traffic worthy condition. But Road Safety measures are not adequate enough for the safety of commuters on NH-6.

His Excellency, no positive gesture was seen by NHAI on Road Safety of NH-6 (44) except exchange of letters. This shows the laxity and negligent attitude of the Government, National Highway Authority and other law enforcing agencies responsible for implementing basic road safety measures at least at major accident prone areas.

His Excellency, It pains to inform you that even though work is sectioned and the concessionaire(M/s SIMPLEX Insfructure Limited)is appointed but the work did not start as per schedule date (2 years). The entire stretch is still dangerous, unsafe, life-threatening and tiring for the commuters. Specially Tongseng, Sonapur and Malidore region of Meghalaya on NH-6 (44). Ultimately it’s the common man who has to suffer for the inability of concessionaire to execute the work.

His Excellency, Meanwhile on 8th August’ 2012 morning, 31 persons, including women and children died, 27 were critically injured when Tripura-bound bus fell into a deep gorge approx. 400 ft on at Tongseng village of Jayantial Hills District in Meghalaya on NH-44. Ultimately, it is the common man who has to suffer at the end, because of failure of the executive agency to get the work in schedule course of time.

Her Excellency, on behalf of those who have lost their loved ones and are grateful for the lives that were spared on National Highway No. 44. We appeal before you for installation of Road Safety Measures on NH-6 (44) which lacks the following in major accidental prone areas:-

National Highway No. 6 (44) Lacks Basic Hill Road Safety Standards at major accidental prone areas

  • No Proper Road Signs:NH-44 is rarely has Cautionary or Warning or Precautionary Signs to forewarn the driver to drive cautiously along the hill road.
  • No proper Road Barricades/ Railings:There has been no Side Barriers or Railings or barricades sited at the accidental acute hill curves. Road Side barriers and other hill road safety equipments are not present, even in accidental prone areas. None satisfying measures were taken to prevent vehicles from plunging deep down in to the river or trench of hundreds of feet.
  • No Proper Line Markings:Road are not well informed with the markings and signals. Line markings are not printed on all roads. The main roads are narrow and in pathetic conditions, most of them lacking overpasses for intersecting roads.
  • Lack of Emergency Facility / Helpline number:The stretch of Tongseng, Sonapur and Malidor lacks in emergency service facilities. In case of any mishap there is no provision for first aid treatment near the intersections. Victims have to cost their lives as doctors and hospitals are usually quite far.
  • Lack of Laws and their proper enforcements:No highway patrols, No precautionary measures are in place to prevent speeding vehicles and ensure speed limits in the above mentioned stretch. Drinking and driving is common on NH-44. There are no checks done by officials to ascertain that private owned public transport vehicles does not overload with passengers and goods beyond permissible safety limits. It is a general appeal of passengers that the drivers of super-deluxe buses drive vehicles in night under the influence of liquor; the safety and security of passengers are never given priority by the transport agencies as well as those responsible for enforcing traffic rules.
  • Pathetic Road Condition: Road Condition is very bad and gets even worse during the rainy season. Roads repaired get washed away with the slightest showers. Ultimately, it is the common man who has to suffer at the end, because of pathetic road conditions.

His Excellency, Such conditions make driving and traveling on NH-6 (44) a harrowing, dangerous, unsafe, life-threatening specially during rainy Season. We appeal for your special attention and intervention on NH – 6 (44) for the said appeal above.

  1. Appeal Fast Completion of Remaining portion of East West Corridor Project (Maha Sadak) from Balacherra to Harangajao, Assam.


Appeal for Review of quality and standard of completed work of East West Corridor Project of the Assam Region


Appeal for Road Safety Measures on East West Corridor Project in major Accidental Prone Areas


EAST WEST CORRIDOR PROJECT (Untouched portion between Balacherra and Harangajao, Assam)

His Excellency, Silchar- Surat National Highway (East West Corridor) Project under NHDP to connect Barak Valley (Southern Assam) with the Mainland of our Country. The project was inaugurated in the year 1998 under the leadership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The work of this project is in snail speed since laid down of foundation stone in the year 1998.

His Excellency, People of this valley are eagerly waiting for completion of East-West Corridor which was initiated in Barak Valley in the year 2001. Of the 54 km length of the mahasadak in this valley, work is yet to start on the 31 km stretch between Balacherra and Harangajao in 13 years since foundation stone was laid; It is attributed in variousnews papers that The Environment Department & Forest department have reportedly delayed in giving their no – objection in respect of the construction of the Mahasadak belonging to these departments, is also one of the major impediments in the construction of the said project.


Present Condition of East West Corridor Project

mahasadk 2


His Excellency, Unfortunately the progress of East West Corridor Project is unusually slow. Different deadlines were declared on the part of the Govt. and being differed again and again which testifies to the indifferent attitude of the authorities.

His Exccellency, To lessen the extra burden on the NH.44 the half done Mahasarak project—from Silchar to Surat need be completed on a war footing. But on the plea of non-issue of a clearance certificate from the Environment department & Forest department for continuation of work in the 31 k.m., the project has been kept pending.

His Excellency, We appeal for fast completion of East West Corridor project which will be a matter of great relief for the commuters of this entire region and the socio- economy of this region will be improved due this revolutionary infrastructural development.  

mahasadk 2

  1. Appeal for Subsidized Air Fare from Silchar Airport.


Appeal for fast start up of projected Late Bipin chadra Pal International Airport in Silchar

His Excellency, A new international Airport in the name of great freedom fighter of the region Late Bipin Chandra Pal near Silchar may kindly be started at the earliest, as the existing Airport at Kumbirgram is a Defence establishment with several restrictions for operation of civil airlines. Land near the existing airport had already been selected by a team of aviation officials during their visit last year (2013).

His Excellency, The Silchar Airport in Barak valley is in fact Defence establishment under joint control of the Union defence and civil aviation ministries. Most of the private airlines have already withdrawn their operation from Silchar Airport citing of lack of facility. Silchar Airport is 3rd after Guwahati and Jorhat in Assam in terms air traffic. The Airport has potential to grow into Modern International Airport, provided new civil Airport is constructed in nearby area. People from the region are scattered throughout the countries and abroad. Large number of people from Barak Valley migrated and settled to different parts of country and abroad. Recent time’s job seekers from the region travelled to USA, West Asian as well as other ASEAN countries. For these migrants, return visit on the occasion of festivals likeDurga Puja and Eid is a nightmare

silchar airport

His Excellency, Such being the state of affairs with the road and railways, the people of the valley could make no use of the air connectivity due to exorbitant rate of air fare in one and absence of adequate number of flights on the other. Moreover, the number of flight connecting Silchar with Guwahati, Calcutta, or with Aizal, Agartala, Imphal is just inadequate and that too these are subject to frequent withdrawal. The people, particularly at the time of emergency are indeed helpless. We humbly appeal for subsidized Air Fare from Silchar Airport in this current scenario for the immediate relief of the people of this region the way Agartala Airport offers subsidized Air fare for the people of that locality whereas Barak Valley needs the same subsidy from your end for the people with urgent needs who cannot afford the current air fare.

  1. Appeal for prompt step towards Industrial Development (small, medium and large industries) for the economic growth of this region

His Excellency, The region is one of the most backward area of not only Assam but also of entire country partly because of its remoteness, lack of modern communication, , lack of consciousness of its inhabitants and largely because of sheer neglect since independence. Whatever little achieved after long mass struggle in terms of industrial development.

His Excellency, The Barak Valley has 112 Tea garden employing about 1 lakh people with meager wages of Rs. 55/day as against Rs. 72/day in Brahmaputra valley. The productivity of the garden is much less than their counterpart in Brahmaputra valley. In absence of any research input for plantation crops like tea, the productivity has steadily declined over the years. Moreover reluctance of Kolkata based garden owner to invest in rejuvenation of century old tea plantation further contributed to the decline of these gardens.

industrial development

His Excellency, Barak Valley along with few areas of Assam can emerge as the only place in the world after Kenya to become a producer of health-rich purple tea, as stated by scientists and tea experts of Tocklai Tea Research Institute.

His Excellency, Currently, Kenya is the only country that produces unique purple tea which fetches three to four times the price of black tea and has established both a domestic as well as export market.

His Excellency, The clone TRFK 306/1 for purple tea of Kenya was originally from Assam and wild bushes of the tea have been found in the hilly forested areas of Karbi Anglong district and Longai area of Cachar district in Barak Valley while there was also possibility of its presence in some areas of Upper Assam. Tocklai Tea Research Institute (TTRI)’s senior advisory officer (principal scientist) Pradip Barua said, “Assam has tremendous potential to produce purple tea, as it is the tea of the future as far as health benefits are concerned. Besides, such tea bushes are still found in the state”

His Excellency, Tea was first introduced in Kenya around 1903 and early introduction was of Assam variety in the form of seeds with the first set of improved tea clones of Assam variety characterized by general vigour, high density of plucking points and large shoot size released in 1964.

His Excellency, Tea having originated from Assam under the British colonial rulers and developed by the British planters and scientists working in India migrating to Kenya, most of the practices of tea cultivation and production and common words used in tea plantations were of Indian and Assam origin.

The Only Public Sector Unit

His Excellency, The region is lagging behind in industrialization. The only large public sector Cachar Paper Mills in Panchgram in Cachar, is already sick because of several constrains including dearth of raw material, communication problem, power shortage

industrial development

His Excellency, Silchar town of Barak valley is the second largest urban center in Assam next only to capital city of Guwahati. But the town totally lacks modern civic amenities turning it into twentieth century urban nightmare rather than a modern city. The plight of other smaller towns of the region can only be imagined.The pathetic road condition of entire valley paralyzed internal and external communication with the result that big industrial house avoid the region. Frequent foreign visiting dignitaries to the Assam University at Silchar are surprised to see the dilapidated approach road to the University thus lowering the prestige of the country.

Industrial Opportunities in Barak Valley

  1. Silchar City located in the Centre of Southern part of Northeast is Gateway to Manipur, Moizoram and Tripura. It is also located along the proposed ASIAN HIGHWAY and TRANS ASIAN RAILWAY staring from Hanoi in Vietnam. The City should be included in the proposed 100 SMART CITY project of the government.
  1. Gas/coal based power station may be established in the Barak Velley. To facilitate transport of raw material (Coal/gas) through Bangladesh to overcome shortage of electricity in collaboration and power sharing with Bangladesh.
  1. Panchgram Paper Mill and Bokajan Cement Factory should be modernized along with adequate step for their revival. Effort should be made to remove other hurdles.
  1. A public sector cement factory based on lime deposit of neighbouring Meghalaya may be established in the region. This is decade old Central Project awaiting final approval.
  1. To encourage setting up of IT industry, and IT park promoted by noted private industrial house may be set up in Silchar.
  1. Skill development center should be established in all the five districts of the region immediately.
  1. The Hill districts of Dim Hasao and Karbi Anglong should bedeclared tourist district by the Government to promote nature tourism with Haflong and Hamren town as tourist town. Establishment of small tourist Airport at Haflong and Hamren shall facilitate development of tourism in the region.
  1. Bamboo Park and Herbal Park should be setup in the Dima Hasao and Karbi Anglong district
  1. Mega Food Park should be setup in Lakhipur town in the Cachar district.
  1. Tea town with warehouses, Tea Auction Center and a Tea Museum, Tea Research Centre should be setup in Silchar in Cachar district to promote research on tea and adoption of modern technique to control declining productivity of the of the tea gardens of the region with a aim to diversify into new tea products diversification and value addition in order to enhance productivity of tea as well as boost economic growth in the agricultural sector. Barak Valley and parts of Assam is very rich in tea germplasm as it is the place of original tea variety and wild tea plants are still available in the state.

His Excellency, In view of the state of affairs narrated above, with this submission, We on behalf of the most loyal and peace loving citizen of Barak Valley, South Assam, earnestly request you to personally adopt this land hitherto abandoned by both state and central governments. Citizen of this region has regained their lost hope on seeing you at the helm of affairs of the country. If this great opportunity is wasted, the region shall plunge into perpetual darkness leading to exodus of conscious citizen from the region. 

His Excellency, We The People of Barak Valley humbly pray to Your Excellency for favour of your kind intervene in the matters to save the valley of Barak in South Assam from the continuous economic, social and moral deterioration due to the communication bottleneck.

Thanking You,

On Behalf of People Supported Above Appeal                                                                   Yours faithfully,

Saurabh Koiri, Gen Secretary, We The People of Barak Valley
(A societal establishment; Regd. No Rs/CA/243/M/143 of 2014-2015)
Indrani Sarani, Das Colony, Rangirkhari, Silchar
Cachar, Assam, Pin – 788005, India
Mobile: +91 9531066488 Email:



  1. Copies of previous correspondence for ROAD SAFETY & REPAIR of NH-6 (NH44 earlier)
  2. Copy of letter from service provider of Mass Appeal Campaign
  3. List (Softcopy )of Supporters of above Appeal (Missed Callers) in CD
  4. Newspaper cuttings of Major Accidents on NH-6 (NH-44 earlier) 

Copy to:

1.         Shri Narender Damodardas Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister, Govt. of India.
2.         Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon’ble, Union Minister Road and Transport, Govt. of India.
3.         Dr. Jitendra Singh Hon’ble Development of North Eastern Region, Govt. of India
4.         Shri Tarun Gogoi, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Assam.
5.         Shri Mukul Sangma, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Meghalaya.
6.         Shri Manik Sarkar, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Tripura.
7.         Shri Okram Ibobi Singh, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Manipur.
8.         Shri Pu Lalthanhawla, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Mizoram.
9.         Shri Shri R. P. Singh, IAS, Chairman, National Highway Authority of India.
10.       Chief Secretary: Govt. of Assam, Govt. of Meghalaya,.
11.       Smt. Susmita Dev,Hon’ble Member of  Parliament, Silchar, Assam.

  1. Shri Radheyshyam Biswas, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Karimganj, Assam
  2. Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Assam.

Saurabh Koiri, Gen Secretary, We The People of Barak Valley
(A societal establishment; Regd. No Rs/CA/243/M/143 of 2014-2015)
Indrani Sarani, Das Colony, Rangirkhari, Silchar
Cachar, Assam, Pin – 788005, India
Mobile: +91 9531066488 Email: