Need a Museum in Silchar

Museum used for the public exhibition of art objects and also for the collection of artifacts will help facilitate the creative economy of Barak Valley. Setting up of a Museum at Silchar will highlight the Art and Culture of Barak Valley throughout the country. It would also help in preserving the heritage of Barak Valley. It is a long felt need of setting up of a museum at Silchar. There are many historical evidences at Barak Valley which require proper attention and restoration.

The former Vice-President of Assam University Students’ Council Rajdeep Dam wrote a letter to the concerned ministry demanding for setting up of a museum at Silchar. The concerned ministry responded to the letter dated 20-09-10, No.F.14-7/2010-M.I. At a discussion with the Honourable Vice-Chancellor Prof. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee stated that he would explore all possibilities of establishing a museum and showed deep concern about the matter. In this connection with the letter dated 20-09-10, No.F.14-7/2010-M.I receiving from the ministry of culture, the competent authority already formed a committee on 29-10-2010 with Prof. Gautam Biswas as its chairman. The University Authority responded to the matter very positively and is looking forward with it for setting up of a museum – Rajdeep Dam

Initiative By : Rajdeep Dam, Silchar, Assam